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Fire Insurance Coverage

For Habitational Properties (1 - 4 family dwellings) . ISO Form DP 0001 Basic Form is provided (click before for a complete copy) which provides coverage against a Fire and Lightning Loss.
For Commercial Properties. CP-0099, Standard Property Policy is available.


Extended Property Insurance Coverage and Vandalism Coverage

Additional coverage available in the above forms for loss caused by:
Windstorm or Hail
Riot or Civil Commotion
Volcanic Action
Sinkhole Collapse (Commercial Policies Only)
Sprinkler Leakage (Commercial Policies Only)
Vandalism or Malicious Mischief Coverage


Crime Coverage

A separate Crime Policy is available for Robbery and Burglary Coverage.


Printable and Viewable Coverage Forms
For Dwelling Policies
Dwelling Property Basic Form DP-0001
FAIR Plan Special Provisions DP-300 FP
Definitions Endorsement (Actual Cash Value) DP-301 FP
Pennsylvania Notice IL 0910
Standard Fire Policy Endorsement SFP-1

For Commercial Policies
Standard Property Policy CP-0099
Commercial Property Special Provisions FP-400 PA
Definition of Actual Cash Value FP-0099
Standard Fire Policy Provisions CP 0121
Pennsylvania Notice IL 0910
Exclusion of Certain Computer-Related Losses IL 0935

For Burglary and Robbery Policies


Pennsylvania Crime Insurance Policy CR-101-FP
Protective Devise Warranty Endorsement CR-103-FP


Crime Insurance Policy CC-201-FP
Protective Device Warranty CC-203-FP